Free Guided Practice – Creating a Coherent Narrative

Free Guided Practice – Creating a Coherent Narrative

Sometimes we do have to cope with serious sorrows and struggles that break our hearts and sometimes break our spirits; even find our way through catastrophes that can change our lives forever.

This 5.5 minute video leads you in the practice of integrating any previous loss or deeply traumatizing event into the ongoing story of your life through what’s known as creating a coherent narrative. A powerful journaling tool that helps you begin to see what happened as part of your story, but not the whole story. What happened is still included in your larger life story – not forgotten or denied or glossed over as though it never happened – but it doesn’t have to determine the entire story. Whatever happened has its place in your life, but it doesn’t have to determine the rest of your life.

This practice of creating a coherent narrative was taught in my online Resilience 2.0 course during the summer of 2020. The entire course is now available to anyone in my Learn to Cope with Anything, Anything at All library on my website.

Past and new participants in the Resilience 2.0 course will be invited to join in a live Q&A with me Thursday, October 8, 5:30pmPT/8:30ET to further explore how it’s truly possible to learn to cope “with anything that has ever happened.”

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