Free Guided Practice: Identifying Traits/Symbols of Resilience

Free Guided Practice: Identifying Traits/Symbols of Resilience

We all need to know what traits of resilience we already have and to claim ourselves as resilient when we exhibit those traits.  This double-awareness strengthens our resilience and nourishes our sense of self as someone who is and can be resilient.

This 3.5 minutes video leads you through two exercises from Resilience 2.0 in identifying those traits and reinforcing your anchoring in them.

Now that I’ve returned from my August 2020 “sabbatical-sort of” I intend to post these Free Guided Practices weekly.  You’ll be able to access them all through the new Topics bar on the website.

You can also access the most relevant and timely posts on the Resilience For Right Now…and For the Long Haul page.

And access any previous posts on the Practices for Resilience page.

And you can still take the deep dive into all of these practices in the Resilience 2.0 course, learning the strategies and deepening the underlying practices that allow you to cope with anything, anything at all.

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