Free Guided Practice – Sharing Kindness

Free Guided Practice – Sharing Kindness

Being kind to others, taking in the kindness from others, not only lifts your spirits and deepens your well-being. Cultivating kindness actually helps you refocus your attention away from stress and worry. And sharing those moments of kindness with others helps you feel less anxious, less helpless, less lonely.

This 7-minute guided practice helps you cultivate more curiosity and engagement with the world; it helps you deepen social bonds, become more optimistic, and build enduring resources for more creative coping. So very, very essential right now.

P.S. You can practice sharing other positive emotions with friends as well – moments of courage, moments, of patience, moments of gratitude – with great benefit to your resilience. You learn to shift your inner emotional state from distress to centeredness and connection.  And you learn that you can.

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