From Panic to Prudence

From Panic to Prudence

My post yesterday, Don’t Panic…Keep Things in Perspective, was scheduled last week before most schools and colleges in the United States closed their doors for a spring break and shifted to an online learning format that will now extend through the rest of the term.

Things are changing rapidly as the pandemic coronavirus itself and fears of contamination spread worldwide.  I’m doing my best to stay informed and to inform you about what to do and how to cope.  I’m suggesting these resources because they are accurate and updated quickly.

17-year-old Avi Schiffmann’s internationally recognized website tracking the spread of COVID-19, updated every minute: https://ncov2019.live/data. This brilliant and compassionate high school junior provides up to the minute stats about cases, hospitalizations, deaths, and recoveries for every state and every country. Fascinating, potentially reassuring.

From the March 13, 2020 New York Times, “How Much Worse the Coronavirus Could Get, in Charts” [if we don’t act quickly] an interactive model developed by Nicholas Kristoff and Stuart A. Thompson showing graphically what could happen to “flatten the curve” of the spread of the virus if government and public health officials act quickly, and what could happen if they don’t.

A similar graphical representation of why the coronavirus spreads so quickly from the March 14, 2020 Washington Post.

And another fact sheet, How to Protect Yourself, from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

I do teach that everything that ever happens in life is a cue to practice resilience. The coronavirus is a big AFGO – another frickin’ growth opportunity – and we can learn and grow from this adversity, too.

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