Getting Help in Pushing Back on the Impact of Recent Events

Getting Help in Pushing Back on the Impact of Recent Events

Everyone I know, everyone I Zoom with these days, my neighbors talking over the backyard fence,  everyone I overhear at the grocery story or the gas station, is managing, yes, but struggling to manage the uncertainties, the restrictions, the widening fallout of this no-end-in-sight coronavirus pandemic. And the latest national news from every front can spike the anxiety right through the roof.

When the uncertainties and anxieties are layered over any previous distress or trauma, any previous catastrophes we’ve already coped with, any lifelong impacts of systemic inequality or early-on cultural conditioning gone awry, we can really struggle to keep our footing.

I regularly update tools and strategies for coping with anxiety, distress, trauma, adversity on my Resilience Is Always Needed page.

Another excellent resource is the upcoming Trauma Skills Summit: Heal from the Effects of Trauma – for Yourself, the Word, and Generations to Come sponsored by Sounds True August 17-26, 2020.  I’ll be presenting August 20 on Resilience: Transforming Any Adversity into Learning and Growth. I’m excited about the webinar itself, proud to be included in the company of so many experts coming together to address:

* How does our view of reality inform our healing from trauma and how can we reliably recover feelings of safety, purpose, and connection?

* What is internalized oppression and how can mindfulness and compassion practices help us break through our own limitations?

* How can we come together to heal our collective traumas – both the crises we currently face and the traumas inherited from generations past?

* How can we pro-actively use the adversities we face to transform our relationship to ourselves and to our world?

You can learn more about and register for your free space in this 10-day online summit here. The research and strategies taught are cutting-edge.  You can truly learn to take care of yourself, your family, your community, in the midst of these challenging times.

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