Getting to the core of unresolved trauma

Getting to the core of unresolved trauma

When patients are recovering from a traumatic event, clinicians want techniques that will reduce debilitating symptoms, shorten treatment time, and help patients open their lives back up.

That’s why I wanted to send you a quick reminder about NICABM’s new webinar series that’s going on now.

In Rethinking Trauma you’ll hear from experts who are using innovative approaches in their work, including Pat Ogden, PhD, Dan Siegel, MD, and Peter Levine, PhD.

Pioneers like these are changing the way we treat trauma – and the research supports their protocols in very encouraging ways.

Each webinar is free to watch at the time of broadcast, you just have to sign up.

Or, to own the entire series, including videos, audio recordings, transcripts, and 4 bonus sessions, here’s the link where you can register for a Gold Membership.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check it out.



PS This is a program that can catch you up on the latest breakthroughs in trauma treatment – here’s the link again so you can take a look.

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