Goodbye, Farewell, Amen

Goodbye, Farewell, Amen

This post will be the last I send, to subscribers and to archive on my website. After 15 years, the poignant end of an era. 

I began posting these resources January 18, 2008, with Mindfulness and Empathy Create Conscious Compassionate Connection, then February 19, 2008 Brain Research Illuminates Conscious Compassionate Connection, then March 19, 2008 Shifting Perspectives Leads to Resilience

The themes have been consistent over 10 years of monthly posts and quotes, then another 5 years of weekly Resources for Recovering Resilience (daily during the first year of the pandemic). 

I began posting in 2008 to clarify my own thinking in preparation for writing what became Bouncing Back in 2013, then Resilience in 2018. And to share with clients practices that I had found useful in the journey of “healing and awakening into aliveness and wholeness.” And to share what I was teaching in many, many personal growth and self-transformation workshops and clinical trainings on the neuroscience of resilience. 

Through these posts, I found my voice as a psychotherapist, as a mindful self-compassion teacher, as a human being trying to be a light and en-courage-er for others. 

And have received such gracious, generous feedback over the years. 

Your approach to developing resilience helped me bridge the gap I’ve been straddling all year and I want you to know that I so appreciate the clarity of your message. 

Your work and your words have always touched me in a deep way. You did an exceptional job with discovering your extraordinary gifts and sharing them so generously and passionately with the world. 

I honor you and hold you up as a wise woman, healer, community builder and teacher. I wanted to let you know how much your words and resources have helped me in my process.

Thank you for being a mentor and a teacher with a huge caring heart. I’m full of gratitude for your book, your work, emails, resources, and healing “the world one heart at a time.”

Everyone was reading Body Keeps the Score and I was telling them, “If you wanna go next level, Bouncing Back is where it’s at.” Thank you. We have helped so many people standing on your shoulders. 

I learned a lot from you and have taught classes on mindfulness and compassion and resilience from what I learned from you. Know you are still impacting your community; just knowing you are there is comfort enough. 

And I, in turn, am so full of gratitude for the years of stretching and learning and resonating from sitting down with a blank page and writing at the top, “What do I now know to be true?”  (This is true; this has been my practice for years.) 

What I now know to be true is how amazing people’s capacities to be resilient and heal are. And my retirement into Renaissance is leading me into the privilege of witnessing and with-nessing that process on a more personal basis with friends and colleagues as we all age into sage-ing together. 

[P.S. All of Resources for Recovering Resilience, 15 years’ worth, will remain archived on my website, along with video interviews and audio recordings, links to webinars and podcasts. The learning, healing and awakening can continue.]

As the year turns at winter solstice from the dark to the light (humbly requesting forgiveness from southern hemisphere readers) I offer this poem Candles for Solstice which I have posted for many years at this time of year, which still remains true any time of year.

Blessings and deep appreciation to you all,


Candles for Solstice

May you celebrate and share with others…

Candles of light in the darkness,

Candles of grace in the suffering,

Candles of joy despite all sadness,

Candles of hope where despair keeps watch,

Candles of courage for fears ever present,

Candles of peace for tumultuous days,

Candles of forgiveness for all the difficulties,

Candles of love to embrace all that is Life,

Candles that will burn all the year long.

– Linda Graham based on Howard Thurman