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Gratitude Goulash

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[apropos of the sustenance offered by gratitude in a time of loss and uncertainty, from Gratitude Goulash that figured prominently in the coping with the mis-adventures of two weeks ago [see Thanksgiving Day post: Giving Thanks – for Losses and Lessons] :]


That other compass

you bought in the city

is no good to you now

Before darkness comes

give it away

Pause in your confusion

Stand quiet in the fading light

Say, I am lost.

Say, Where is my life waiting?

Say, I want an answer!

Then, in the gathering dusk

some quiet part of you

may begin to open

Call it your inner compass rose

Call it the home of your true north

as constant as Polaris

in the night sky

If there is an aroma

faint in the evening breeze

take a grateful breath and

move in that direction

Your road will be there,

Glowing in the moonlight

Say, Thank you for this unfolding

Your compass rose has opened

  • By Doug von Koss

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