Humility in the Face of Awesome Resilience 

Humility in the Face of Awesome Resilience 

Humbling is the only word for it. 

I’ve written and taught about resilience for more than a decade now. In Bouncing Back, I included 5 C’s of Coping: Calm, Clarity, Connection, Competence, Courage. All valid. While the manuscript was in its final edits, I met Kristin Neff at a conference we were both presenting at. We stood in the hallway, talking for an hour and half about self-compassion; Kristin developed the Mindful Self-Compassion protocol with Chris Germer; I incorporated Compassion as the 6th C of resilience in the book Resilience and all of my teachings/trainings. 

And thought I knew something about all of these 6 C’s, enough to write weekly and teach thousands of people around the world.


Emerging from viewing 14 films in 4 days in the 2022 DocLands film festival…humbling is the only word for it. And to pass on to you a 7th C of coping: Comm-unity. People working together, in large groups and small, to leverage the calm, the clarity, the connections, the competence, the courage, and the compassion that changes the lives of millions.  And the filmmakers! who dedicate years and years of their lives, not to mention most of their savings, to document these stories and tell them brilliantly to anyone who cares to learn and (8th C?) Commit to wise action on behalf of these noble causes.

We Feed People: The humanitarian work of renowned chef Jose Andres and his World Central Kitchen, serving 70 million meals to people impacted by natural (and inhumane) disasters; now serving 16 million meals to people in Ukraine.

Boycott: Filmmakers from Just Vision document the legal battles to protect the First Amendment right to freedom of speech in the face of anti-boycott legislation, a radical right template for behind-the-scenes restrictions of all civil rights.

The Long Breakup: a moving exploration by Ukranian journalist Katya Soldak of the slow but steady shift in Ukranian people’s identification with Russia to Ukraine becoming an independent state, psychologically as well as politically.  

I will continue to write and teach about resilience, of course; many trainings on the calendar this spring before I retire July 1, 2022. From a larger awareness and deeper commitment to all of the C’s of coping, and gratitude to these activists and filmmakers who teach the real lessons of resilience.

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