Karuna-virus: Compassionate Connection and Radical Change

Karuna-virus: Compassionate Connection and Radical Change

Ernest Skelton, an appliance technician, arrived at Caroline Brock’s home for a routine service call in Myrtle Beach, SC expecting to do his job and leave. However, when Brock, a white woman, asked Skelton what his experience was as a Black man living in the USA, the encounter was anything but routine. Brock learned about the heavy weight of racism that Black people, especially Black men, like Skelton carry every day. These experiences were a revelation to Brock and she posted their conversation on Facebook which has since gone viral. [180,000 views.]

This post is a pass-through from Karunavirus.org (karuna is the word for compassion in Pali, the language of the Buddha). An archive of 1300+ stories of compassion, connection, heroism, and social change. (My July 1 post on Tiny Glimmers of Love and Joy Build Resilience, Too was also from Karunavirus.org.)

You can read the full post of their conversation and watch the video of the local news station’s interview with them here. And be encouraged by the possibilities of social change when people listen, understand, and accept each other’s realities and experiences.

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