Lifestyle is the New Medicine

Lifestyle is the New Medicine

I’m learning that online video summits are a great way to efficiently expand Resources for Recovering Resilience; teachers and authors offering practical tools and techniques from years of experience addressing a particular issue from a particular field of expertise.

Here’s a link to the free “Lifestyle is the New Medicine” hosted by Dr. Tina Christie, a naturopathic doctor with 13 years of experience helping patients achieve a lifestyle that supports vibrant health.

I talked with Dr. Christie last month about:

* tools to reduce the impact of stress and trauma

* practicing self-compassion to ease suffering and promote well-being and joy

* the role of play, laughter and emotional positivity in promoting creativity, optimism, and resilience

* using mindfulness to discern options and make wise choices

* skills of relational intelligence to cultivate the healthy, resonant relationships that increase our sense of safety, trust and belonging

Helping our brains function optimally as we age.

Our conversation, part of Dr. Christie’s “Lifestyle is the New Medicine” summit, will be available – free – May 7 – May 18, 2015. The summit features 22 speakers addressing how lifestyle choices and environmental factors affect braining functioning, overall health, and our emotional states.

Click here to register. If you sign up for the summit, you will receive my Ten Skills of Relational Intelligence free as well.

Dr. Christie is based in Toronto, Canada. I’ll be teaching many of these same skills at a Leading Edge Seminar in Toronto May 19-20, 2015. If you can spread the word to East Coast friends and colleagues, please do!

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