Morning Report On My Immigrant Clothing

Morning Report On My Immigrant Clothing

(Doug von Koss is a wonderful San Francisco Bay Area poet, and a more than awesome human being. I met him years ago at a poetry workshop where I learned to read a poem every morning along with eating my breakfast cereal – nourishing soul and body. Here’s his latest commentary on the state of our world – may the wisdom and the laughter be nourishing to your soul, too.)

Morning Report On My Immigrant Clothing

Awakened wearing old and faded

Calvin Klein sleepwear Made in Kenya

After the shower dried my made in the USA body

with a Martha Stewart towel Made in India, where else

Warmed by my East Coast L.L. Bean bathrobe from El Salvador

I made my coffee with beans gathered from God knows where

Pulling on clothes, still curious and not surprised,

my striped Perry Ellis boxers were Made in China

and jeez my iconic American Carhardt Jeans started in Nicaragua

And what’s more American than a T-shirt?

Not my Made in Peru pepper green “T” from Territory Ahead

And who knows where my socks started, maybe Bangalore

My shabby running shoes let into the country by Adidas,

probably began jogging in Northern India

So I’m almost ready and grab my hat.

Now wait for it

My trouble making, eye catching, brilliant red,

Human Rights Campaign hat emblazoned “Make America Gay Again”

was made in the USA

If they send my clothes back with the immigrants

at least I won’t be totally naked
– Doug von Koss

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