Play is Good Medicine for the Winter Blahs Part II

Play is Good Medicine for the Winter Blahs Part II

(several readers responded to last week’s post Play is Good Medicine for the Winter Blahs. Please scroll down for some fabulous photos of folks on the East Coast playfully coping with this winter’s storms. Directly below is some good advice from my friend Bev Stevens about using perception to strengthen our vision:

This “play” is looking at the world like it is brand new.
On the medical and health side of this exercise is vision enhancement! We were created with the need and ability to look:

  • high in the sky…weather conditions (cloud gazing)
  • off in the distance at mountain tops/bldg tops/bridge tops (who/what is watching us)
  • nearby trees and tree tops (what is hiding there and what food is growing there)
  • watch moving objects close by (playing catch…eye-hand coordination)
  • look closely at the earth/grass below our feet (a closer perspective)
  • look into a flowering bush, then the flower and next look into the center of the flower (using depth perception… smell and feel texture at the same time, if you wish)

Tell the kids to go play and see what they visualize in the clouds. What does the “dust” in the center of the flower look like. And don’t forget to play catch. All of this “advice” actually can be playful and fun…and healthy.

Bev Stevens

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