Reaching Down into the Center

Reaching Down into the Center

I’ve been saving the poem below for my penultimate e-post of these Resources for Recovering Resilience. The wrap-up e-post will be sent July 13 after teaching my very last ever clinical training at the Cape Cod Institute in early July. Then transitioning to posting directly to my website where 15 years of posts are already archived. 

This poem speaks to me of the contentment I hope to find in my retirement to Renaissance. It also evokes the deep inner trust and peace that is the anchor of all of our resilience. May you find that center “where the world is not spinning” and “awareness waking up to truth.”  With deep gratitude for the many emails of support and encouragement that help me find mine. 

Awareness knowing itself

– Danna Faulds

Settle in the here and now.
Reach down into the center
where the world is not spinning
and drink this holy peace.

Feel relief flood into every
cell. Nothing to do. Nothing
to be but what you are already.
Nothing to receive but what 
flows effortlessly from the 
mystery into form.

Nothing to run from or run 
toward. Just this breath,
awareness knowing itself as 
embodiment. Just this breath,
awareness waking up to truth.