Recover from Trauma – Build Tolerance to Stress

Recover from Trauma – Build Tolerance to Stress

Here’s the link to a fairly brief (36 minutes) but substantive webinar from Sounds True on How You Can Recover from Trauma and Build Tolerance to Stress.

Dr. Elizabeth Stanley has solid credentials: U.S. Army Veteran, degrees from Yale, Harvard, MIT, long-time mindfulness practitioner and certified Somatic Experiencing trauma therapist.

This free webinar leads right into offering Dr. Stanley’s Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training, a trauma-sensitive online course to build resilience and thrive during stress.

Yes, it’s a promotion.  I’ve been teaching online summits for Sounds True myself for five years [See Sounds True 2020 Trauma Skills Summit] and know the worthiness of their offerings.

Please do check out the free webinar, and enroll in the course if you wish.

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