Recovering Resilience as Winter Melts into Spring

Recovering Resilience as Winter Melts into Spring

Today, March 20, is spring equinox in the northern hemisphere, the official turning on the calendar from winter to spring. As temperatures sluggishly climb above freezing in many parts of this country, I’m offering as a resource for recovering resilience the delightful animated short film from Pixar: Boundin’.

View Boundin’ on MetaTube

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I first posted Boundin in December 2013 as winter was beginning to cover so much of this country in ice, sleet, and snow. The client who sent me a DVD of this video in the first place recently sent me a photograph of daffodils blooming with snow on top of them. It’s all about resilience. As the season turns and we begin to hope again for flowers blooming and trees leafing out, this film is as uplifting now as it was months ago; enjoy!

I’m including two other media resources in this post. Both interviews are an excellent introduction to the principles and practices in Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being.

  1. my March 15 radio interview with Marianna Cacciatore on Bread for the Journey about resilience and brain change. Bread for the Journey is a philanthropic organization that funds community-based programs “nurturing the seed of generosity in every human heart.”
  2. my March 10 radio interview with Cathy Roberts on Voices for Healing about Keys to Resiliency. Cathy is offering soon a teleclass on Focus Your Mind, Engage Your Energy, Awaken Your Inner Guide.

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