Resilience Beyond the Personal Self

Resilience Beyond the Personal Self

Renew Your Energy for Recovering Your Resilience

Arguably, the most important lesson from the recent (and continuing!) global pandemic was how deeply inter-connected everyone on our planet is to everyone else. The tragic losses of the pandemic weren’t rooted in nationalism or racism or classism, nor in gender, sexual preference, or ability/disability. (Though the devastating impacts varied from country to country, among racial and ethnic groups, evident in class differences, for sure.)

And the greatest lesson going forward could be in the paramount importance of the common good. Of people being able to see past differences and divides to the suffering of all of humanity and pull together to take wise action on behalf of all.

I will be exploring the role of the common good, resilience beyond the personal self, in the upcoming online workshop, Cultivating Resilience with Compassion, Clarity, and Courage, sponsored by the California Institute of Integral Studies, July 31-August 1, 2021.

The two-day training (July 31-August 1, 2021; 10am-1pmPDT each day) will offer tools and perspectives to deepen our relational intelligence with others and develop the resilience mindset that allows us to transform any adversity into learning and growth.

Sponsored by the California Institute of Integral Studies.  Scholarships are available through CIIS.  

publicprograms@ciis.edu  415-575-6175

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