Resilience from Excellent Positive Psychology Resource 

Resilience from Excellent Positive Psychology Resource 

The Renaissance part of my retirement I’m enjoying a lot. One example, a recommendation from the same friend who sent me the “Celebrating your new office furniture!” card (a hammock): Wonderworks: the 25 Most Powerful Inventions in the History of Literature: a brilliant exploration of the development of “technologies” in literature – serenity elevator, empathy generator, sorrow resolver – that help us cope with very human experiences of grief, fear, anger, intimacy, wonder, always with a succinct explanation of how this “technology” works in our brains. The author, Angus Fletcher, is both a professor of literature as well as a neuroscientist and this book is really exciting and fun.

Not so much fun is the admin de-cluttering, a full seven years’ worth. (Those seven years blissfully-stressfully busy working with clients and teaching hither and yon and beyond.)

However, I do keep re-discovering excellent resources (and memories to be treasured). This morning, an excellent series on Resilience from positive psychology.com in the Netherlands. Published pre-pandemic, I found them online at the beginning of the pandemic, downloaded them, read them, integrated them into my own teaching, and then filed them and forgot about them. Until now

They are excellent and completely relevant today. Easy to download, easy to read, understand, and incorporate into your own coping styles now. You can click on any link and be richly rewarded.

What Is Resilience and Why Is It Important to Bounce Back?
Resilience Skills: Factors and Strategies of the Resilient Person
Resilience in the Workplace: How to Be More Resilient at Work
What Is Emotional Resilience and How to Build It?

In creating this post, I’ve discovered there are many more articles on resilience on the positive psychology.com website. You can scroll through their blog posts and discover many more on your own. May your searches be blessed with good discoveries.

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