Resilience, Well-Being and Joy in 2016

Resilience, Well-Being and Joy in 2016

Resources you should be sure to know about early in 2016:

1. Shift Happens: Learning to Bounce Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, Even Disaster

I’ll be teaching a daylong at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA on Sunday, January 17, 2016 on how to reverse the impact of stress and trauma; come out of anxiety, depression, addictions, grief, loneliness, guilt and shame; and rewire the inner critic. Participants will learn to deepen their self-compassion and empathy, connect to inner resources and relationships that are healthy and nourishing, and through mindful awareness and reflection, discern options and make wise choices that lead to well-being.

2. Rick Hanson is offering his online 2016 Foundations of Well-Being course: a yearlong deep dive into the practical neuroscience of happiness, love, and wisdom – with great ways to hardwire lasting well-being into your brain and your life for more fulfilling relationships, greater resilience when things are hard, and more ease and joy in daily life. Here’s an interview with Rick by his son Forrest Hanson, exploring how Rick implements these practices in his own daily life, and how you can, too.

3. James Baraz is offering his 2016 Awakening Joy course with a new emphasis on loving kindness and compassion (see YouTube trailer here) You can register for the 5-month course online or participate in person in Berkeley, CA

Rick and James have been teachers and mentors of mine for a very long time. What they offer, and what I hope I offer, too, certainly can be life-changing, transformative and healing. Please avail yourself of these opportunities, if you can. And may you deepen your experiences of resilience, well-being and joy in 2016.

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