Resources for the Continuing Hard Times

Resources for the Continuing Hard Times

Tara Brach’s R.A.I.N. on Shame meditation is simply one of the best practices I have come across in 25 years for helping people (myself!) deal with and hear the derailing impact of shame on our psyches, our resilience, our well-being.

Tara posts many such free and excellent meditations and trainings on her website.

Here’s the link to access a free 60-minute conversation with Tara and Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein on Holding a Healing Space: integrating Meditation and Psychotherapy, exploring the critical role of mindfulness during traumatic times and how mindfulness can support social transformation and the evolution of humanity.

Tara is also now offering an online training course for integrating mindfulness into clinical practice: Meditation and Psychotherapy, focusing on core techniques, practices and insights from Buddhist psychology for greater awareness, emotional healing and deeper ease and well-being.  This 9-session course through Sounds true offers 22 hours of life-changing practices to address:

* How to catch and disarm the “flinch reflex” that instinctively guides us to shy away from painful experience.

* The somatic component of healing – how to locate and address trauma stored in the tissues of the body

* self-compassion practices for healing the sense of shame, guilt, or self-judgment that often surrounds painful experiences.

The course includes live Q&A sessions to get your deepest questions about your own personal and clinical practice answered.

Tara Brach, PhD, has been teaching meditation since 1975. She is the founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, and leads workshops and meditation retreats throughout North America and Europe.  She is one of the most revered meditation teachers in the world; her weekly podcast talks and meditations are downloaded over two million times each month. Please do avail yourself of her wisdom and her loving presence.

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