Self-Compassion Helps You Love Your Body, Love Your Self

Self-Compassion Helps You Love Your Body, Love Your Self

I teach a lot these days: mindfulness and compassion are two of the most powerful agents of brain change known to science, because it’s true. Two weeks ago, I posted “Self-Compassion is a More Powerful Motivator than Self-Criticism” because that is also true.

I got to discuss self-compassion as a powerful tool to create changes in our habits, even when they are very automatic and don’t always serve us well, with Kim Adams, an Australian yoga teacher, eating psychologist and author, as part of her 10-day online webinar series “Body Love Breakthrough.” 21 experts addressing how you can learn to love your body even if all you seem to be able to do is focus on your imperfections.

You can register for the series here

It’s free; it’s awesome. 21 health, body image, nutrition, psychology and yoga experts will talk about:

* letting go of the perfectionism and personal comparisons that can hold you back as you constantly posture yourself and your image against those around you.

* stopping the crazy dieting roller coaster ride that can take you into a nutrition nightmare that seems inescapable.

* relaxing and loving yourself as you are in a world where body image seems so important.

Click here to register.

It’s free; it’s good.

P.S. Another Australian connection: I’ll be teaching Bouncing Back in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia in September 2015 through Kassan Associates. If you can spread the word to friends and colleagues “down under,” please do!

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