Stay Woke – and Live Your Week Fully

Stay Woke – and Live Your Week Fully

As this post arrives in your inbox this morning, I will be working by Zoom with staff of the Well-Being Project, exploring ways people dedicated to supporting community organizers and social change agents around the world deepen their own inner well-being and restore their own equilibrium as they remain sheltering-in-place in the U.S. or return to lockdown in Europe because of the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

In our prep for the training, one of the staff members, Elissa, suggested to me “live your week fully.” I love that phrase. Maybe not changing or repairing the entire world overnight, but showing up and engaging with every moment, every person, every purpose, as fully as we can in that moment, and the next, and the next.

Another staff member, Jacquelyn Salvador, sent me her post-election poem, grateful that even as an American living abroad, her vote was counted in the U.S. presidential election:

Everyone could use a hand right now.

It’s not time to gloat, or tear others down, but time to extend support to our fellow humans.

To those celebrating hope for a bright future, I applaud with you.

To those worried that the future is dark, I lend a hand to stand and face it together.

To those uncertain what will happen next, I bury my hands in the earth and invite you to do the same, to help cultivate something beautiful and nourishing from the bare earth before us. 

It’s a time where all hands are needed, for whatever comes next.

Let’s put our hands into action for something good.

I will be addressing the possibilities for putting our hands together in action for something good in my November 21, 2020 webinar Resilience: Coping Mindfully and Wisely with Disappointment, Difficulty, and Disaster sponsored by Insight LA. And easing into another sabbatical sort-of to develop a new online course on cultivating a resilience mindset shortly after that.

As a steadfast reader of these posts wrote the morning after the elections:

I woke up this morning expecting to see a confirmation of my beliefs that we as a country were better than what we have shown for the last 4 years.

The chasm between what I expected, hoped for and what is… is so deep so wide.

It is taking all the tools in my tools box to breathe and let be what is. But It is hard not to feel a profound disappointment this morning.

And so I will allow myself the sadness because it is a part of the present moment. But I will use my trusty tools to understand the moment and smile… at the very least I will try. 

– Larry Potalivo

The year 2020 has been a year of profound losses and disappointments for so many, for so long. And people everywhere are still insisting, almost defiantly, on building a new future. An exercise from last week’s post Finding HOPE When Everything Feels Hopeless:

Take a small step

Each week, identify one small goal and three steps to meet that goal to establish a sense of agency, which helps mitigate the sense of stress and overwhelm.

My friend Mark leads meditation circles outdoors, safely masked and distanced, for teens to find grounding and equilibrium in their rapidly changing worlds.

My friend Lynn has recruited two other friends to petition her local city council to work with arts organizations to erect a permanent tribute to the young black people whose lives have been lost to police violence.

My friend Gail sponsors a literacy lab for immigrant youth, providing devices and wi-fi for students learning at home because of the pandemic.

You will find your way to stay woke, to put your hands together with other in action for good, and to live your week fully, day by day, moment by moment. We are all trying to do that, and we’re learning that we can.

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