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Delight is Essential to Resilience, Too – A Rendition of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony Like You’ve Never Seen or Heard Before.

The CD of the San Francisco Symphony playing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony lives in the CD player of my car. In the “old days” of long, traffic-snarled commutes, that was my go-to for shifting my mood while inching through traffic. Now a friend sent me the link to the most delightful presentation of the opening movement […]

Bouquets to Art; Deep Bows to Creativity

I recently walked through the Bouquets to Art exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, an annual festival of local florists, garden clubs, landscape architects, etc. each creating a floral sculpture embodying a painting/sculpture in the museum. (As above.) Hundreds of them. And as I walked through, delight, amazement, wonder, and awe bubbling […]

A Shared Moment of “Wow!”

As the final notes of a public performance of Mozart’s Masonic Funeral music faded away, into the deep silence came an audible “Wow!”  And that “wow” was from Ronan Mattin, a 9 year-old autistic boy attending the concert with his grandfather, who acknowledge Ronan is primarily non-verbal and later told WGBH Boston radio: “I can […]

Gratitude for the Web of Life

I meant to put eye drops in my eye, but late at night I accidentally grabbed a bottle of ear wax removal from the medicine cabinet.  The first agonizing seconds of stinging pain told me I had just made a terrible mistake.  Flush, flush, flush with warm water.  I called my medical provider’s emergency room, […]

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