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Finding Hygge – the Danish Path to Coziness and Contentment

In the most delightful synchronicity, my local film institute is screening “Finding Hygge” this weekend, a documentary about the Danish way to live well.   Hygge (hyooguh) is variously translated as contentment, cozy togetherness, taking pleasure in soothing things, the absence of annoyance. At the same time, my friend Lynn has gifted me with The […]

Cultivating a Base of Emotional Tranquility

Recent posts have suggested tools of focused processing to help you attend to and make sense of your emotions, to manage and rewire difficult negative emotions, and to use positive emotions to shift the functioning of your brain and to shift your moods and states of being. You can continue using those tools whenever necessary; […]

Breathing In, I Am Calm

[Rounding out the weekly quotes related to somatic intelligence to recover our range of resilience, circling back to the power of the breath to bring us fully alive while soothing and stabilizing the body-brain-mind.] Breathing in, I calm body and mind.  Breathing out, I smile.  Dwelling in the present moment I know this is the […]

Using Visual Memories to Create an Inner Safe Base of Resilience

Fully 25% of your brain’s real estate is devoted to visual processing in the occipital lobe.  Human beings who can see navigate their world primarily by sight, more than touch, hearing or smell.  You can use this tremendous power of processing experiences visually to install resources of equilibrium in your neural circuitry, an inner safe […]

How Movement Can Help Us Recover Our Range of Resilience

There’s no question that movement – vigorous exercise, gentle yoga, the chores of daily living – is good for the optimal functioning of the brain. Our brains are organized through movement. As we introduce new patterns of movement, combined with attention, our brains being making thousands, millions, and even billions of new connections.  These changes […]

To Touch Is to Give Life

To touch is to give life. – Michelangelo Everybody needs a hug.  It changes your metabolism. – Leo Buscaglia We need four hugs a day for survival.  We need eight hugs a day for maintenance.  We need twelve hugs a day for growth. – Virginia Satir Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, […]

Why Warm, Safe Touch Restores Our Resilience

One of the most exciting discoveries of modern neurobiology has been the role of oxytocin – the hormone released through warmth, touch, and movement – in generating feelings of deep connection and well-being.  Oxytocin is the brain’s naturally occurring neurotransmitter of “calm and connect.” Oxytocin is what spurs us to “tend and befriend” rather than […]

Newsletter: Using Our Somatic Intelligence to Recover Our Resilience

These posts offer ways to cope skillfully when things go haywire.  Our most basic responses to all of life’s challenges and adversities begin in our bodies, so this month’s posts offer body-based tools of breath, touch, movement and visualization to recover your natural baseline physiological equilibrium; you learn to “keep calm and carry on.”  This […]

The new Resilience…and B-r-e-a-t-h-i-n-g into Calm


The new Resilience: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster is on its way. More than 100 evidenced based practices to strengthen your innate capacities to cope with anything, anything at all. Forthcoming September 15, 2018 from New World Library.  You can learn more about the new book here.  You can […]

Giving Thanks – for Losses and Lessons

[Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. I have my own special reasons for being deeply, deeply thankful.] When I arrived in the Bahamas two Thursdays ago to teach four workshops at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Center, I arrived late, tired.  While stepping from the dock to the boat to go across the […]

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