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The Resilience Workbook

The Resilience Workbook

INTRO My Resilience Handbook: Powerful Practices to Bounce Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, even Disaster, will be published by New World Library in September 2018. The Resilience Workbook: Essential Skills to Recover from Stress, Trauma, and Adversity by Glenn Schiraldi, PhD, was released by New Harbinger Publications in November 2017. The two books are different: Dr. Schiraldi’s background […]

Ah, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort

(These words of wisdom from 19th century British novelist Dinah Craik express the compassionate companionship explored in last week’s post on resourcing with people as a key factor supporting post-traumatic growth.  May you experience such support in any of your own recovering resilience.) Ah, the comfort, The inexpressible comfort Of feeling safe with a person. […]

Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Resilience

[Ooh, I’ve been teaching/traveling a lot this fall, so this newsletter will have a very different format this month. One of those teaching opportunities was giving a keynote address at the San Diego Psychological Association’s annual conference October 1, 2016. Part of that presentation was this article published that weekend in the Fall 2016 SDPA […]

When the World Is Too Much With Us

Every morning at 8am, for the last two weeks, the construction workers doing a sewer replacement project in my neighborhood, now on my block, begin the day long jack-hammering, cracking asphalt, hauling dirt and gravel, beep-beeping as they do 180’s on their bobcats, rumbling equipment up and down the street heavy enough to shake the […]

Resilience on the Road

As I reflect on what I’ve learned about how to be resilient on the road, I’ve come up with 7 elements that are standard equipment to maintain some equanimity when the unexpected becomes the norm.  This post is intended to be useful in any situation when familiar anchors of people, places and routines fade away […]

The Five Myths of Self-Compassion

(Yes, I teach about Mindful Self-Compassion a lot these days. I don’t know of a better antidote to the fear of failure and sense of “not good enough” that are the major derailers of our resilience. Here’s a fabulous article about the myths of self-compassion, beliefs that might derail the practice of self-compassion itself, from […]

When It’s Intelligent to Be a Wimp

The morning started out ordinary enough. I’m on the computer checking emails before heading off to my office to see clients. My cat noticed first: somehow a sparrow had gotten into the room, I guess through the cat door. When I opened the entire back door to let it out, it flew up on a […]

How We Learn

(A workshop participant, Catherine Coughlin, forwarded me this lovely story from Wayne Muller of emotional intelligence opening up an 11 year old boy’s mind. May you be inspired by the possibilities of teaching and learning in ways that keep the mind and heart open, and the human spirit resilient.) How We Learn David is a gifted […]

Self-Compassion and Emotional Resilience

Kristen Neff, author of Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself and co-developer of the Mindful Self-Compassion training, developed this wonderful tool for offering ourselves self-compassion when we feel awkward about doing so. Cultivating Self-Compassion 1. Bring to mind a moment when it was relatively easy for you to “feel with” someone else’s heartache […]

Unwavering Confidence

(Yet another post from Happify Daily, an extraordinary resource on the science of happiness. I’ll be teaching the exercise I’ve included below in finding your Compassionate Voice at the venues I’ve included below. May these tools be useful to you and yours.) The Seven Secrets of Unwavering Confidence We’ve all had confidence-eroding events in our […]

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