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Chocolate as a Resource for Recovering Resilience

I’m serious. Ever since I learned that dark chocolate (70% cocoa or higher) is a health food – because of its anti-depression and anti-oxidant compounds and its capacities, in moderation, to lower blood pressure and cholesterol (see August 2014 e-newsletter “Holistic Pain Relief”), I’ve been intrigued with the potential benefits of this 3,000 year old […]

Sense and Savor Walk

(I taught the Sense and Savor Walk below last weekend as part of the silent retreat of the Fall 2014 Mindful Self-Compassion course. What a delight to slow down…savor the silence and stillness in the company of like-minded souls…take in the beauty of a fog-lifting morning in the garden – hummingbirds, spider webs, the softness […]

Too Busy? – Kindness and Compassion Can Fall Off the Radar

Seminary students at Princeton University were asked to give a talk on the parable of the Good Samaritan. They needed to walk about 10 minutes from one building to another to give the talk. On their way, they each passed by a study confederate slumped and groaning in a passageway. 60% of the students who […]

18 Science-Based Reasons to Try Loving Kindness Meditation

(I teach the practice of loving kindness meditation in my book Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being, in workshops for clinicians and lay people alike, and in my Deepening Joy and Mindful Self-Compassion groups. The article below posted in Huffington Post Live on September 29, 2014. More and more research data validating […]

Looking in the Mirror with Kindness

Mindful magazine has become quite a nifty resource for all kinds of mindfulness practices – for personal growth and self-transformation, for health and well-being, for creating social change, for revolutions in the practice of business and government. The October 2014 issue includes the exercise below in using mindfulness to antidote moments of self-criticism and self-judgment. I […]

Being at Peace with the Pain of Others – without Drowning

(My friend Rick Hanson posted the JOT below – Being at Peace with the Pain of Others – just as I was beginning my Fall 2014 Mindful Self-Compassion course.  A wonderful coincidence of timing.  (Carl Jung said, “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”) Sterling wisdom from a wise teacher.  If you want more of […]

Self-Compassion Reduces Rumination

My article was first posted by the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley on August 20, 2014. A new study suggests that self-compassion improves mood, largely by helping us avoid negative rumination. “I can’t do this right,” says my patient Carla. “I know I’m going to fail. I can never do anything right.”  The most […]

Be Careful What You Preach

I teach a lot these days about the central role of mindful self-compassion in strengthening resilience. I got to experience the power of those practices myself last week, when I came home to a note from the local police saying that a neighbor had called in with a complaint about my speeding through our residential […]

Overcome Procrastination through Self-Compassion

(The following article and practice were written for the Greater Good Science Center in July, 2014. I will be offering an 8-week training in Mindful Self-Compassion September 11 – October 30, 2014.) Procrastination – putting off or avoiding a task, an assignment, a project – derails millions of us from achieving our goals every year. […]

One for You…One for Me

I’ve just completed a week-long teacher training in Mindful Self-Compassion with Christopher Germer (The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion), Kristen Neff (Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself) and Michelle Becker and Steve Hickman, both of U.C. San Diego’s Center for Mindfulness. Now I plan to offer the 8-week course to San Francisco Bay […]

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