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Free Guided Practice – Deep Listening Leads to Conscious, Compassionate Connection

Just as resilience is needed now more than ever in these troubled and troubling times, deep listening – honoring, accepting, understanding, empathy, compassion, sometimes forgiveness – is needed now more than ever to create the safety of conscious, compassionate connections that support resilience for ourselves and our communities. This 4-minute guided practice from Resilience 2.0 […]

Free Guided Practice in Recovering from Feeling Badly about Less-then-Resilient Coping, from Resilience 2.0™

In the new online Resilience 2.0™ course, you’ll be practicing guided imagination exercises like this one to radically re-frame your view of yourself in those moments of less-than-proud-of behaviors and less-than-resilient coping, with clear explanations of the brain science behind why these tools work so reliably. The 8-week course will lead you through dozens of […]

How Can I Help Clients with Overwhelming Emotions?

Another mini-interview with Psychotherapy Networker – such timing.  Exploring how positive emotions are not a bypass for dealing with difficulties. In fact, they shift the functioning of the brain to more receptivity, openness to learning, and optimize.  resilience is the direct measurable cause and effect outcome. I will be teaching many exercises to cultivate gratitude, […]

The ABC’s of Working with Emotions

This mini-video interview with me about How Can I Help Clients Work with Overwhelming Emotions? was synchronistically recorded by the Psychotherapy Networker two weeks ago. In it I describe my ABC method for working with emotions, in clients or in ourselves. The video, courtesy of Psychotherapy Networker, is an excellent preview of the tools and […]

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