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Ending the Flood of Negative Self-Talk

Ending the Flood of Negative Self-Talk

Self-blame, negative self-talk, endless pummelling by the inner critic and the relentless self-shaming that can hijack our minds and torture our hearts can effectively poison our trust in ourselves to cope and derail any hope of bouncing back from stress and trauma.  I’ll be offering 14 very practical and very useful exercises to push back […]

Pushing Back on the Inner Critic

Pushing Back on the Inner Critic

One of the important lessons I learned in recovering from being hacked and scammed three weeks ago (see Hacked, Scammed – Lessons Learned) was the importance of pushing back quickly on the inner critic. When that harsh, negative, judgmental, shaming-blaming inner voice takes over, we quickly lose any memory that we can be resilient and […]

The Yin-Yang of Mindful Self-Compassion

Chris Germer

As we learned in this interview with Chris Germer, mindful self-compassion gives us permission to ask “What do I need?” Here’s a practice for offering comfort and care from Resilience. Recovering from a Shame Attack 1. The instant you recognize the disturbance in the force field that is the signal of distress or upset, place […]

Dialogue with the Inner Critic

When we hear too many negative messages about ourselves, from too young an age, for too long of a time, we’re vulnerable to internalizing those voices, hearing themselves inside our own heads, as a well-practiced annoying inner critic. [See the May 2018 e-newsletter “The Most Powerful Derailer of Our Resilience.”) “You’re really pretty inept, you […]

Powerful Tools to Reverse Toxic Shame

I have been teaching tools to reverse toxic shame forever. In my book Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being, in every workshop I teach everywhere, in posts and article like “The Power of Mindful Empathy to Heal Toxic Shame.” The well-respected shame researcher Brene Brown says: Shame is the intensely painful […]

The Power of Mindful Empathy To Heal Toxic Shame

© Linda Graham, MFT 2010 This article was published as part of the Wise Brain Bulletin, Volume 4.1. Download the complete issue as a PDF I want to explore how Mindful Empathy can help us hold and heal the sense of failure, rejection, and shame that catches us in the suffering of the belief that […]

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