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The Yin-Yang of Mindful Self-Compassion

Chris Germer

As we learned in this interview with Chris Germer, mindful self-compassion gives us permission to ask “What do I need?” Here’s a practice for offering comfort and care from Resilience. Recovering from a Shame Attack 1. The instant you recognize the disturbance in the force field that is the signal of distress or upset, place […]

Dialogue with the Inner Critic

When we hear too many negative messages about ourselves, from too young an age, for too long of a time, we’re vulnerable to internalizing those voices, hearing themselves inside our own heads, as a well-practiced annoying inner critic. [See the May 2018 e-newsletter “The Most Powerful Derailer of Our Resilience.”) “You’re really pretty inept, you […]

Powerful Tools to Reverse Toxic Shame

I have been teaching tools to reverse toxic shame forever. In my book Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being, in every workshop I teach everywhere, in posts and article like “The Power of Mindful Empathy to Heal Toxic Shame.” The well-respected shame researcher Brene Brown says: Shame is the intensely painful […]

The Power of Mindful Empathy To Heal Toxic Shame

© Linda Graham, MFT 2010 This article was published as part of the Wise Brain Bulletin, Volume 4.1. Download the complete issue as a PDF I want to explore how Mindful Empathy can help us hold and heal the sense of failure, rejection, and shame that catches us in the suffering of the belief that […]

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