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Self-Sufficiency Is Over-Rated

Self-Sufficiency Is Over-Rated

My colleague Michael Kerman of Leading Edge Seminars sent me this article Self-Sufficiency Is Over-Rated, published in the New York Times opinion section on Thanksgiving Day. I think it strikes an intelligent balance between the integrity of individual responsibility and utter necessity of compassion in a caring community. And so I pass it on to […]

Helping Kids Embrace Their “Otherness”

Maybe because I woke up one morning last week to an air quality rating of 249, officially “very unhealthy” and couldn’t see to the end of my block because of the smoke from the still-raging wildfires here in northern California, I went looking for encouraging news about resilience and people helping other people be resilient. […]

Showing Up for the People Who Are Showing Up – Pizza Delivered to Grateful ICU Health Care Workers in Brooklyn

When the generosity and kindness of the human spirit shows up to support fellow human beings on the front lines of our current coronavirus crisis, when real people shine through all the faceless statistics, it’s inspiring and motivating. My friend Kathryn’s cousin Gerard is the physician in charge of the surgical critical care unit at […]

Saving Lives – Big and Small

The Heroes and Zeroes post of October 21, 2019 drew as many positive responses as any post I’ve ever posted. Readers resonating with the realization that the smallest actions on behalf of common humanity and “looking for the helpers” can be as significant to cultivate resilience as the truly heroic efforts on a larger scale. […]

Heroes and Zeroes

The Pacific Sun, a local newspaper in the San Francisco Bay Area, ran a weekly Heroes and Zeroes column for years, highlighting the selfless/helpful/nurturing behaviors of some local citizens and the selfish/hurtful/damaging behaviors of others.  Actions like (hero) a video produced by a local police department to alert citizens how to deal with school bullying, […]

“Giving” Leads to Resilience More Than “Taking”

It might seem counter-intuitive, in our modern business-driven society, that people who are “givers” are more likely to succeed, certainly to experience more well-being, than “takers.” But that’s precisely the point organizational psychologist Adam Grant makes again and again in Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success. Based on decades of collaborative research […]

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