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Going In to Find Out

Presence - Simply Being

As you read this, I will be heading into a 5-day silent meditation retreat at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, a time of deep reflection and perhaps even deeper understanding of the mysterious, imponderable Source of the meaning of all the being-ness and doing-ness that occupies the attention and activities of all of my days.  The […]

What We See…and What We Don’t See

What We See…and What We Don’t See

Going through books to donate to the library, deciding to look through some of the large format glossy color wilderness books again before letting them go. An image and story from Galen Rowell: A Retrospective knocked my socks off and led to this post on perception– what we see and what we don’t see.  [And […]

Mindfulness Doesn’t Make Our Problems Smaller; It Does Makes Us Stronger in Facing Them

 In this interview with Dr. Chris Willard, offering ourselves mindful self-care can be a crucial practice in recovering our resilience. Here’s an exercise from Resilience to offer ourselves that mindful self-care. Exercise: Giving Yourself a Self-Compassion Break At times when any emotional upset or distress is still reasonably manageable, taking a self-compassion break helps […]

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