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Mindfulness Doesn’t Make Our Problems Smaller; It Does Makes Us Stronger in Facing Them

 In this interview with Dr. Chris Willard, offering ourselves mindful self-care can be a crucial practice in recovering our resilience. Here’s an exercise from Resilience to offer ourselves that mindful self-care. Exercise: Giving Yourself a Self-Compassion Break At times when any emotional upset or distress is still reasonably manageable, taking a self-compassion break helps […]

What Story Am I Believing Now?

I’ve watched my own opinions shift over time – someone I initially judged to be disastrously self-focused I quickly learned was a single mom raising an autistic son and she had to over-focus on herself and him to stay upright.  (Then I had to work with my own judgment of myself for being – always! […]

Steadying Awareness

We practice steadying our awareness so we can perceive that the events of our lives, and our responses to them, are ever-flowing and ever-changing. The knowledge that “this, too, shall pass” is a form of response flexibility built into life itself. It applies even to the self. You shift, change, grow, and evolve all of […]

Reflective Intelligence – Clear Seeing, Wise Choices

Reflective Intelligence hones your perceptions and responses to any event, any issue.  You can uncover and examine complex patterns of “thinking” that could derail your resilience and rewire them if you wish to. This week’s Resources post, Noticing What You’re Experiencing While You’re Experiencing It, introduced basic steps of mindfulness practice that are the foundation […]

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