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Mindfulness Doesn’t Make Our Problems Smaller; It Does Makes Us Stronger in Facing Them

 In this interview with Dr. Chris Willard, offering ourselves mindful self-care can be a crucial practice in recovering our resilience. Here’s an exercise from Resilience to offer ourselves that mindful self-care. Exercise: Giving Yourself a Self-Compassion Break At times when any emotional upset or distress is still reasonably manageable, taking a self-compassion break helps […]

What Story Am I Believing Now?

I’ve watched my own opinions shift over time – someone I initially judged to be disastrously self-focused I quickly learned was a single mom raising an autistic son and she had to over-focus on herself and him to stay upright.  (Then I had to work with my own judgment of myself for being – always! […]

Steadying Awareness

We practice steadying our awareness so we can perceive that the events of our lives, and our responses to them, are ever-flowing and ever-changing. The knowledge that “this, too, shall pass” is a form of response flexibility built into life itself. It applies even to the self. You shift, change, grow, and evolve all of […]

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