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Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Resilience

[Ooh, I’ve been teaching/traveling a lot this fall, so this newsletter will have a very different format this month. One of those teaching opportunities was giving a keynote address at the San Diego Psychological Association’s annual conference October 1, 2016. Part of that presentation was this article published that weekend in the Fall 2016 SDPA […]

Weekly Quotes 2016

Courage Perserverance

1-4-16 Weekly Quotes: New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make You Happier (In a rare reversal (the resources posted on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve were actually more like quotes), this week’s quotes are actually a resource post from my colleague Christine Carter, posted through the Greater Good Science Center at U.C. Berkeley. Good wisdom, […]

How to Change Your Brain to Change Your Mind

(My good friend and colleague Rick Hanson was recently interviewed by Beate Trueck, co-founder of the Brussels Mindfulness Institute. This excerpt is from Rick’s most recent Wise Brain Bulletin, a marvelous resource of practical wisdom about happiness, love and wisdom. This current issue also contains useful excerpts from Toni Bernhard’s How To Live Well with […]

Paying Attention

Oh dear. Yet another something lost, found, and returned through the kindness of other people. This time my cell phone, which I managed to leave on a bench outside the hotel when I caught a taxi to Chicago’s O’Hare airport after teaching at the IONS conference two weeks ago. Didn’t notice it was missing until […]

Getting In Touch with Your Inner Critic

The excerpt and exercise below on working with your inner critic are from John Prendergast’s beautifully written new book, In Touch: How to Tune in to the Inner Guidance of Your Body and Trust Yourself. John is an experienced psychotherapist and wise spiritual teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. In Touch offers state-of-the-art explorations […]

Sense and Savor this Summer

The Sense and Savor Walk is a delightful to slow down and take in the beauty of nature all around us. I’ve included three very relevant poems/quotes and then the exercise, then another poem. May you find the serenity and peace in these words, in these practices, that restore your life energy for the life […]

Preventing Near-Sightedness

In a companion Resources for Recovering Resilience post (The Human Age – the World Shaped by Us), I mention Diane Ackerman’s report that Americans are becoming increasingly near-sighted because we spend more time looking at the small screens of our digital devices than we used to and less time looking at the far horizon where […]

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