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How to Know Right from Wrong…

The notion of following your own moral compass may seem sadly out of fashion nowadays, though the survival of our democracy, our civilization, utterly depends on citizens anchoring their actions in their deeply held and sorely tested inner convictions about truth, humanity, justice.  Cowardice asks the question, “Is it safe?”  Expediency asks the question, “Is […]

The Right Things to Do…Right Now

With the recent outcry and protests over the unconscionable death of George Floyd at the hands (under the knee) of Minneapolis police officers, and with the re-surging recognition (once again!) of the intolerable impact of racial discrimination and social injustice on our minority and marginalized citizens (the death rate from COVID-19 up to six times […]

We Are Not in the Same Boat

The more I post resources for coping skillfully with the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, the more good people send good posts to me, often with more wisdom and perspective than I am capable of. My friend Carole forwarded this one; I honestly wish I knew the author.  Below, I do offer some of my […]

Think Globally – Act Locally

My friend Eve recently asked me “how to forge a humanistic path while forces of hate and fear and abuse swirl in the world.” Excellent question, one we face every day these days. And the complexity of the answer(s) reminds me of a line from Woody Allen, I believe in his film Annie Hall, “How […]

A Bombshell Too Close to Home

Whether you recently watched the impeachment hearings or the Super Bowl or the Academy Awards or simply took a hike to get away from it all, we are constantly asked by life to make choices about when and how we will engage with (or ignore) the larger issues of our larger world. I saw the […]

The Paradoxes of the New Year

On New Year’s Day this year, a few close friends and I created our Mind Maps for launching into the new year. (See exercise below) Clarifying values, setting intentions, imagining how to breathe life into those intentions through wise plans, wise choices. This quote from E.B. White succinctly states a paradox embedded in any intention […]

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