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Living Younger, Healthier, Longer

Telomeres are compared to the plastic tabs on the end of your shoelaces that keep your shoelaces from unraveling. Telomeres are protective sheaths of proteins at the ends of your chromosomes that keep your chromosomes from unraveling when they replicate. Maintaining our telomeres protects our chromosomes, allowing them to continue to replicate and be functional […]

Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy

When Sheryl Sandberg’s husband David Goldberg died suddenly of a heart attack at age 48, Sheryl was plunged immediately into devastating loss and grief, widowhood, single parenthood of two young children, and a personal journey of ultimately recovering her hope, her centeredness, her resilience, even recovering a sense of joy and deeper sense of life […]

Equanimity While Drinking from a Fire Hose

“Drinking from a fire hose” is a phrase one of my clients used frequently to describe the pressures that were leading him to the brink of self-combustion. I certainly hope my own practices of equanimity help me stay upright in my boat and on an even keel as I negotiate this current tsunami of teaching/travel.  […]

The Big Disconnect: Tech, Kids, and Families

I can remember being rewarded with a lollipop for behaving myself in the dentist’s chair before scientists discovered the causal link between sugar, plaque, and tooth decay.  I can remember when it was so cool to smoke cigarettes, before scientists discovered the causal links between smoking and lung cancer and teeth falling out of our […]

Weather Difficult Times: Be Kind, Compassionate and Tough!

[My article below, minus all the marvelous illustrations and layout, appeared in the December 2016 issue of Mindful magazine, a wonderful compendium of resources for mindful living. May it be useful to you and yours.] Weather Difficult Times: Be Kind, Compassionate and Tough! by Linda Graham, MFT When things are at their worst, we have […]

Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Resilience

[Ooh, I’ve been teaching/traveling a lot this fall, so this newsletter will have a very different format this month. One of those teaching opportunities was giving a keynote address at the San Diego Psychological Association’s annual conference October 1, 2016. Part of that presentation was this article published that weekend in the Fall 2016 SDPA […]

Preventing, Reducing and Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease

October 2016

The cover story of the July/August 2016 issue of Scientific American Mind was “Banking Against Alzheimer’s.” Of course I’m intrigued by any hope of keeping my brain functioning as well as I can as I move deeper in the third chapter of my life. Most of us do care about the good health of our […]

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