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Poetry Can Keep Us Afloat

Kim Rosen’s excellent book, Saved by a Poem, shows us why poetry can keep us afloat in the most challenging of times, personal or pandemic. Included here are two very inspiring poems written specifically for coping with the coronavirus pandemic. Well worth a glance. Pandemic What if you thought of it as the Jews consider […]

Prayer for the New Year

Here’s the annual offering of this wonderful Blessing for the New Year by Kayleen Asbo; may it encourage and inspire you and yours: BLESSING FOR THE NEW YEAR As the hours of darkness begin to slowly wane from the winter sky, So too may the fearful places of your heart unclench their grasp on your […]

Candles of Light in the Darkness

The great paradox of the human condition – the abundance of life, joy, love, meaning; the reality of greed, oppression, illness, suffering. The human heart is asked to hold so much. People from all countries and find ways to honor the light of the human spirit even in times of darkness. Especially at this time […]

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