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2015’s Resolutions?

The latest psychological research proves that self-discipline isn’t as critical to achieving your resolutions as treating yourself kindly is. Linda Graham joins other psychologists in suggesting that “self-compassion gives us a space to nurture ourselves so we can re-group and shift to a larger, kinder perspective – one that allows us to respond differently to […]

Keep Strong and Carry On

Chatelaine magazine, August 2014 Marilisa Racco’s article features Linda Graham as one of several contributors on the topic: “Some days even the smallest challenge can feel insurmountable. Now psychologists are saying our best defence against stress and burnout is resilience. Here’s how to boost yours.”

Mindful Discipline: Conscious and Compassionate Parenting

Mindful Discipline is a beautifully written guide for parents to help their children develop their own inner compass so they can find their place in and skillfully navigate their world.  [See Resources below] Based on relationship-centered practices of moment to moment awareness, acceptance, and guidance, Mindful Discipline helps all of us, really, become empowered, emotionally intelligent, and resilient. […]

The Neuroscience of Resilience

Resilience in the face of adversity

This cutting edge article explores how to strengthen our capacities for resilience from the bottom up – at the level of neurons firing in new patterns that promote flexibility in the face of change. The article traces the nine functions of the pre-frontal cortex, considered by some neuropsychologists to be an “evolutionary masterpiece,” and offers […]

A Warm Bath for the Brain

© Linda Graham, MFT Understanding oxytocin’s role in therapeutic change This article was originally published on the Psychotherapy Networker website. Download the article as a PDF   Q: The couples I see often are in such a state of emotional arousal that they can’t calm down enough to do the work of therapy. What can […]


© Linda Graham, MFT This article was published as part of the Wise Brain Bulletin, Volume 3.8. Download the complete issue as a PDF The August 2009 issue of Ode magazine is devoted to Laughter: how laughter evolved and how it makes us human; the positive impacts of laughter on health and productivity; how laughter […]

Skillful Ways to Deal with Stress and Trauma

© Linda Graham, MFT 2009 This article was published as part of the Wise Brain Bulletin, Volume 3.4. Download the complete issue as a PDF As the national economy tanks, as jobs are lost after 10 and 20 years, as relationships are strained, as safety nets of retirement and health care unravel, I see more […]

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