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Beyond the Betrayal

Betrayal – the breaking of trust – can rock our sense of who we are and our convictions of what’s true in our world more than anything else in human experience. Confronting and repairing that betrayal, joining with others to redress that betrayal, are hallmarks of skillful resistance, reconciliation, and resilience. This post is just […]

Be Aware of the Fuckery

“I’m aware of the fuckery in my family.”  A client began her session with that phrase last week.  I was delighted with the term. We had spent months helping her differentiate her sense of self from the harsh criticisms and manipulations of her family of origin. She was making great progress pulling out of the […]

Pruning Not-So-Healthy Relationships

I emphasize the necessity of cultivating nourishing, healthy relationships to support our resilience – a lot. [see Make Sure Good Friends Are Near] All true, very important. Sometimes, just as important, is the practice of pruning unhealthy relationships from our social circles. (Sometimes, though harder, creating a healthy boundary with unhealthy relationships in our families.) […]

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