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In(ter)dependence Day

In(ter)dependence Day

I have fond childhood memories of the Fourth of July – family picnics and fireworks celebrating Independence Day, naively happy with what I experienced of safety and freedom in 1950’s America. SO naïve that that safety net was not the story of living in America for many of America’s citizens. The civil rights movement was […]

When It Rains, It Pours

2020 has been a year of “when it rains, it pours” for most of us. The catastrophe of the global pandemic, with one crisis or difficulty after another piling on top of each other.  Mini-mini example for me: on top of sheltering-in-place for the better part of nine months, not going anywhere, not working with […]

Becoming a Wise Elder

We become elders by accepting life on life’s terms, gradually relinquishing the fight to have it fit our expectations.  Elders have no quarrel with the ways of the world.  Initiated through many years of loss, they have come to know that life is hard, riddled with failures, betrayals and deaths.  They have made peace with […]

Choosing to Choose

Part of my coping with my broken shoulder bone, immobilized in a sling, is discerning what I can no longer do for myself, at least for another month, what I still can do, what I can ask for-allow others to do for me. My daily, mini-excursion into the serenity prayer: God, grant me the serenity […]

Fall-Down-Get-Up – All One Word

Here’s the link to an absolutely delightful – and instructive – 6 minute video Oy Vey to a New Way by Naomi Newman, brilliant co-founder of the Traveling Jewish Theater. Naomi teaches that fall-down-get-up is one word, one action, a seamless response to the difficulties and disasters of life. Deep wisdom in delightfully inspiring theater. […]

Anchors Rather than Answers

No one knows for sure when this pandemic will be over. When it will be safe to eat out, get your hair cut, visit friends without masks, attend a live football game or a live concert, when students can sit in a classroom with fellow students again. For some, coping with so many uncertainties and […]

Stability and Sea Change

So much about resilience is the nimble dance between being stable – secure, grounded, resourced – and flexible – able to shift, pivot, change our minds, change course. As we see in my 84 year-old friend Bev, sharing a lifelong love of literature with her long-time book club, 5 going-strong seniors now meeting monthly outdoors […]

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