Resilience – Learning From Mistakes and Adversity

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Meaningful, Mundane, and Murky

I landed on the title of this post last week, the day we learned that the cliff-hanging results of the runoff elections in Georgia for the US Senate returned the Senate to a semblance of balance and power in a democracy, and the current can’t-be-too-soon outgoing president of United States brought disgrace to himself and […]

No Mud, No Lotus

My friend Beth sent me the image above of the beautiful blue mushrooms growing out of the sludge in her trash compactor, headed for the compost heap. We both immediately thought of “No mud, no lotus,” the teachings of the venerable Zen Buddhist master, Thich Nhat Hanh.  The beautiful lotus flower, symbol of awakening and […]

Pandemic Lessons from a Cat Bite

My cat bit me last Saturday evening, and I’m using that event to explore parallels with the dangers – and resourcing – around the current COVID-19 pandemic. Danger – Naïve – Resourcing I happened to be on a Zoom call with several friends when my cat, sitting on my lap, bit my arm enough to […]

Hangin’ Out in Limbo? – Here’s a Tool That Can Help

William Bridges put “limbo” smack in the middle of any process of transition in his classic (and truly deservedly so) Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes. Bridges found, in his research and in his own experience, that every beginning begins with an ending.  He called the markers of that ending disorientation, disidentification, disenchantment, disengagement, dismantling. […]

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