Resilience – Learning From Mistakes and Adversity

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Life Is in the Transitions

Life Is in the Transitions

My friend William retired from his position with the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection just before the pandemic, no one yet knowing a shut-down of such long duration was coming. When the shut-down did occur, he was asked to return to the department part-time as a consultant to shepherd the new staff through a […]

Take a Moment to Commemorate…

Take a Moment to Commemorate…

Amidst many American national holidays in June, honoring people’s struggles to be resilient in the face of ongoing hardship and heartache – the well-established (1910) Father’s Day on June 20 (and fatherhood can be challenging!), the more recent (roughly 1970) Gay Pride Day (now LGBT+ Pride month of June), the brand-new Juneteenth National Independence Day […]

Unlearning and Rethinking – the Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know

Organizational psychologist Adam Grant began his research for Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know well before the coronavirus pandemic upheavaled our lives in countless (and seemingly endless) ways. But learning how to unlearn and rethink in a rapidly changing and increasingly divisive world can be as necessary as learning to learn […]

My Evolution of Resilience

I used to believe that life was somewhat linear, unfolding steadily toward growing up, becoming wise, finding fulfillment.  If a big bump derailed a life from that path – “bad things happen to good people” – then resilience played an important role in helping us bounce back. Recovering what had been working well before, progressing […]

Meaningful, Mundane, and Murky

I landed on the title of this post last week, the day we learned that the cliff-hanging results of the runoff elections in Georgia for the US Senate returned the Senate to a semblance of balance and power in a democracy, and the current can’t-be-too-soon outgoing president of United States brought disgrace to himself and […]

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