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Self Compassion More Powerful than Self-Esteem

“People who are compassionate toward their failings and imperfections experience greater well-being that those who repeatedly judge themselves. The feelings of security and net worth provided by self-compassion are also highly stable, kicking in precisely when self-esteem falls down.” This is the intriguing premise – and promise – of Kristin Neff’s book on Self-Compassion, based […]

The How of Happiness

Resilience remains at the top of my list as a capacity essential to living a conscious and fulfilling life. Now that the manuscript for Bouncing Back is on the assembly line at the publisher, I’m catching up on so many other folks’ offerings of practices of healing and awakening that, research shows, also lead to […]

Imagine: How Creativity Works

The book Imagine: How Creativity Works is Jonah Lehrer’s newest exploration of how creativity and innovation happen in our brains, in our interactions with others, in how we structure learning and productivity in the arts, in the classroom, in business. Discoveries: The most creative place in every office is not the boardroom or the lab […]

Shifting Perspectives Leads to Resilience

Greetings! [A re-posting of the March 2008 e-newsletter on reslience. Next week a re-posting of the April 2008 e-newsletter on resilience. Many of the stories and exercises from way back then are finding their way into the book Bouncing Back. (The deadline is looming! Hence the re-posts.) May these offerings be timely and useful to […]

Reflections on Laughter

Greetings! BIG deadline coming up for Bouncing Back: Chapters One-Seven to the publisher by March 5, 2012. Hence, one new poetic offering, then a re-post appropriate to overcome disillusionment – the August 2009 newsletter on Laughter. Enjoy, and thank you for your patience! Prescription for the Disillusioned Come new to this day. Remove the rigid […]

The Relevance of Resonance

Throughout the year, we are subject to the power of shared experiences to “entrain” us in shared feelings and behaviors – we’re in a crowd of 20,000 fans yelling our heads off at a miraculous touchdown that saves the day for the home team; we jump to our feet in enthusiastic applause at a moving […]

Synergy of Mindfulness and Psychotherapy – Part One

There is no stronger influence on psychotherapy these days than mindfulness. – Michael Yapko, PhD Mindfulness is coming out of the closet (or retreat centers) and into clinical sessions very, very rapidly these days. The synergy of mindfulness and the empathic relationship helps patients better trust, reflect, and heal, as millions of patients and therapists […]

Crossing the Threshold

Whenever we’re about to venture into something new – moving across country, getting married again, taking on a new job, finally fixing the leaky shower head – we often feel a hesitancy, a pull-back within. An unconscious somatic marker of “Uh oh! Strange territory! Don’t know if I should be doing this!” even though, consciously, […]

Reflections on Life Balance

Yes, I tend to explore in these newsletters what I currently need to learn about the most. (Equanimity, presence, compassion, laughter, many good topics over the years.) Most of us get reminded of the need for life balance when we suddenly discover how out of whack our lives have become. Too much focus on one […]


[A colleague’s recent query about the “neurochemistry of disappointment” sent me off on my own inquiry. Alas, a family medical emergency and the overloading of other obligations de-railed that investigation until next month’s newsletter. This month I’m doing something I’ve never done before: re-posting a previous newsletter, simply to give myself to dig out from […]

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