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Accept Difficulty

A client forwarded me this post from Rick Hanson earlier this week.  Timely enough to pass on; generous of Rick to allow me to do so. May it be useful to you and yours. ******************************* ACCEPT DIFFICULTY WHY? Sometimes things are difficult. Your legs are tired and you still have to stay on your feet […]

Being Confused at a Higher Level

The sign posted over the entrance to the electrical engineering lab at SRI International, a consulting firm for large government and corporate projects: We have not solved your problem. In fact, we have more questions than when we started. But we believe we are confused at a higher level and about more important things. My […]

Good Stress v. Bad Stress

I’ve certainly experienced my heart pounding, my breath getting short, my thoughts racing – the human stress response – when a small child darted in front of my car chasing a ball last year or the time I dropped my car keys down a storm drain. (Only once!)  You’re probably familiar with similar rushes of […]

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