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Practice Making Choices – Do One Scary Thing a Day

Practice Making Choices – Do One Scary Thing a Day

As you move further into the new year, clarifying priorities, setting goals, making choices, you may run into the brain’s natural roadblock of “Wait a minute!  I’ve never done this before.  I’m not sure….”  This hesitancy is one way your higher brain makes sure you’re thinking things through clearly and making a wise choice. Whenever […]

Manifesting New Year Intentions

Manifesting New Year Intentions

Even as we clarify intentions and priorities for a coming year, we need to be able to take wise action to manifest those intentions.  And sometimes we have to choose which priorities we will focus on first. The Wheel of Life is a coaching tool to help you do just that.  I learned it 10 […]

Uncertainty in Changing Times

I’m currently reading Michael Lewis’s new book, The Undoing Project: A Friendship that Changed Our Minds, a fascinating exploration of the collaboration between two Israeli psychologists, Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman, and their revolutionary discoveries that the human mind systematically makes errors when forced to make judgements in uncertain conditions. This undoing of everyone’s assumptions about […]

What Exactly Is Creativity?

(The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley posted  Ten Habits of Highly Creative People.  It’s fabulous: succinct, clear, accurate, very reassuring and very platforming of resilience and well-being.  Take it to heart. And enjoy exploring your own creativity.) * * * * * * * * * * What exactly is creativity? So many […]

Resilient Leadership

Exercise: Creating Options, Discerning Choices, and Choosing Wisely (from Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience, Chapter 18) 1. Assess what is happening as clearly as you can. This includes getting all the facts about the situation you are being asked to cope with; getting expert opinions and perspectives from competent, resilient others; seeing […]

Unwavering Confidence

(Yet another post from Happify Daily, an extraordinary resource on the science of happiness. I’ll be teaching the exercise I’ve included below in finding your Compassionate Voice at the venues I’ve included below. May these tools be useful to you and yours.) The Seven Secrets of Unwavering Confidence We’ve all had confidence-eroding events in our […]

Preventing Near-Sightedness

In a companion Resources for Recovering Resilience post (The Human Age – the World Shaped by Us), I mention Diane Ackerman’s report that Americans are becoming increasingly near-sighted because we spend more time looking at the small screens of our digital devices than we used to and less time looking at the far horizon where […]

8 Ways to Stay Motivated to Meet Your Goals

(This post from Happify Daily arrived in my inbox just hours after I scheduled next Monday’s post, my April 2015 e-newsletter “The Willpower Instinct.” (Which will be archived soon after posting on my website. Perfect timing. And the first suggestion – to practice self- compassion – is what I teach everywhere these days to tame the […]

Self-Compassion Is a More Powerful Motivator than Self-Criticism

Today’s accompanying Resource for Recovering Resilience – 8 Ways to Stay Motivated to Meet Your Goals – offers research to demonstrate that self-compassion – being kind to ourselves in moments of challenge or difficulty – gives us the strength to face our fears, both real and imagined. Even in moments of failure, people who practice […]

Simple Self-Care When Life Gets Hard

I had the privilege and deep joy of spending time with Ashley Bush Davis and Elisha Goldstein, among many others, at the 2015 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium last weekend. Both have new books that offer simple but effective tools for managing stress, anxiety, depression, etc. when life gets hard. Simple Self-Care for Therapists: Restorative Practices to […]

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