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Replenishing the Soil, Replenishing the Soul

My friend Mark, a high school biology teacher, is fond of the adage, “Bad farmers grow weeds; good farmers grow crops; excellent farmers grow soil.”  I’ve certainly experienced the wisdom of replenishing the soil from 20+years of composting and mulching in my backyard.  And I’ve come to see these Resources for Recovering Resilience as practices […]

Downshifting for an Uplift

Many of us (38 million of us) saw the probing and provocative film The Social Dilemma, the seriously well-documented, seriously frightening expose from top executives and engineers within the digital tech industry about how the technology that connects us also distracts, divides, polarizes, monetizes, manipulates and controls us.  Seriously. I had the privilege of watching […]

Taking Charge – Life Off Screens

I saw the film Screenagers Next Chapter: Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience last week – “screenagers” being the term acknowledging how much time modern teens spend on screens, more time than anything else except sleep, sometimes even more than sleep. The film documents the measurable and rapid rise of stress, anxiety, and depression among American […]

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