Rewiring the Brain for Resilience and Well-Being

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Grit: The Key to Resilience

The difference between try and triumph is a little “umph.” – author unknown Both a friend and a client told me about this delightful 6-minute TED talk by psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth about the importance of grit – which she defines as passion and perseverance – in achieving success. Citing her research among West Point […]

Rewiring Difficult Experiences in Relationships

The exercise is one of the most powerful tools available to rewire the sense of hurt/angst/shame that can occur when an interaction between us and another goes awry.  May it be helpful to you and yours. Rewiring Difficult Experiences in Relationships Love guards the heart from the abyss. – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart There’s a teaching […]

Resources for the Greater Good

The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California – Berkeley is wealth of resources on pro-social emotions. Sample titles from their e-newsletter: What’s Love Got to Do with the Brain?; The Biology of Mindfulness and Compassion; Sleep Before You Bicker; Empathy: the Most Important Back-to-School Supply; Five Ways to Ease Your Envy. One […]

The Secret Lives of the Brain

I’ve just read the most delightful book on brain science and can hardly wait to recommend it to you: Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain by neuroscientists David Eagleman. (David was one of the keynoters at last weekend’s Being Human conference: 12 outstanding TED-like talks, available on www.beinghuman.org.) Not a book of tools but […]

Enthusiasm Is a Skill

I’m still quite enthusiastic about using movement exercises to rewire the brain for more resilience and well-being. The excerpt and exercise below are adapted from Anat Baniel’s book Move into Life using the learned skills of enthusiasm to increase our vitality at any age. The exercise is so simple, and the point is to use […]


(I led a workshop on “Bouncing Back: Resilience and Renewal” at the EarthRise Center of the Institute for Noetic Sciences last weekend. For one of the experiential exercises to cultivate courage as part of rewiring the brain for resilience – Do One Scary Thing a Day – participants committed to doing one scary thing within […]

Model for Lifelong Learning

Jon Kabat-Zinn, developer of mindfulness-based stress reduction, describes our capacities for resilience this way: We all accept that no one controls the weather. Good sailors learn to read it carefully and respect its power. They will avoid storms if possible, but when caught in one, they know when to take down the sails, batten down […]

One Big Helpful Resource for Recovering Resilience

The book went to the printer January 30, 2013. Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being will be available in bookstores April 17, 2013. The book offers readers more than 80 exercises for rewiring the brain for resilience, many of which are archived in the newsletters and exercises on this website. (You’ll […]

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