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This Is the World I Want to Live In…the Shared World

I recently taught a two-day training in Istanbul, Turkey on Resilience: Coping with Life’s Disappointments, Difficulties, and Even Disasters. The clinicians were well-trained in contemporary Western psychology and eager to engage in deep and broad-ranging discussions. My sponsors were well organized and more than generous in sharing their country’s history and culture with me. The […]

A Dog’s Love and Companionship Heals

I see a lot of “art house” films – mostly independent, many documentaries, many foreign.  “Triumph over adversity on behalf of a noble cause” is my favorite genre. Two days ago I saw To Be of Service, a poignant documentary about U.S. military veterans assigned a service dog after treatment with medications and/or therapy failed […]

From Barely a Wobble to a Real Wallop

I teach and write about resilience as the underlying capacities that allow us to meet any level of disruption to our safety and well-being, from barely a wobble to the serious sorrows and struggles that break our hearts, to the trauma of “too much.” The ongoing wildfires in northern and southern California illustrate the need […]

Cultivating the Wiser Self

When we’re facing a difficult decision – leaving a job that’s no long in alignment with our values and passions, seeking new possibilities but risking failure, or staying in a job that provides reliable financial security and a rewarding social network but risking dying on the vine in a stultifying inertia… It’s valuable to be […]

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