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How We Respond to Stressful Times Matters

How We Respond to Stressful Times Matters

The line “how we respond in stressful times matters” comes from Tara Brach, with these words: “With the holiday season upon us, many people are experiencing increasing demands on all fronts.  We’re also living with constant and disturbing headlines broadcasting deceit, greed and a fundamental lack of care for fellow beings.  How we respond to […]

How to Face the Mess We’re In Without Going Crazy

The beloved American playwright Lorraine Hansberry once observed: “One cannot live with sighted eyes and a feeling heart and not know the miseries that affect the world.” Those miseries moved a little closer to home for me this week, 20,000 people evacuated from the devastation of wildfires just 40 miles north of where I live, […]

From New Year’s Resolutions to Reliable Habits

Ten days into the new year, we may already be experiencing the falling away of the best of our intentions to create new wholesome habits. We really mean to exercise more, meditate more, give to charity more; we may be disappointed that we still haven’t gotten the new traction we surely meant to have. Creating […]

Human Strength and Goodness After Sandy Hook

(I taught The Healing Power of Self-Compassion in the Wednesday morning meditation class at Spirit Rock Meditation Center yesterday. The post below came in from the Greater Good Science Center at U.C. Berkeley about an hour before I taught the class. I was able to incorporate the main ideas of the research into my talk. […]


Transforming trash into music and joy Please, please view the less-than-four minutes landFillharmonic video of the recycled orchestra, kids playing classical music on instruments transformed from trash in Cateura, Paraguay. Hear Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik played on a cello made from an oil can and wooden pegs used to make gnocchi. You’ll be amazed and […]

Blessing the Space Between Us

(a practice for Thanksgiving, written by my friend Bette; title adapted from John O’Donohue’s lovely collection: To Bless the Space Between Us) Blessing Space Between Us May the presence and power of spirit surround, support and guide us and keep us safe. May we remember the deep love we have for each other. May we […]

The Cure for Exhaustion is Wholeheartedness

One of my favorite resources for recovering resilience of all time comes from the poet David Whyte reporting a conversation he had with his good friend Br. David Stendl-Rast. David was burned out working in the non-profit world, hesitant to risk following his passion to become a full-time poet. David asked Br. David, “What’s the […]

Kindness and Connection

(These Resources for Recovering Resilience explore what I’ve come to call the 5 C’s of Coping: Calm, Compassion, Clarity, Connection, Competence. (Courage is certainly a part of resilience as well, and will be included in future posts.) The exercise below guides us in connecting with others through the core value or virtue of Kindness.) Kindness […]

Surfing A Tsunami…and the Now Effect

As the pace of my personal and professional life speeds up, with the final, final revisions of the book due in two weeks, with needing to quickly learn to navigate PowerPoint, Skype, LinkedIn, and a host of other techno-whizzbangs I have historically been phobic about, with engaging as conscientiously as possible with the continued ups […]

Cultivating Self-Compassion

Bring to mind a moment when it was relatively easy for you to “feel with” someone else’s heartache or sorrow. Your neighbor struggles to carry heavy bags of groceries up the driveway with a recently broken ankle. Your cousin lost his luggage two airports back before he arrived at your house for a weekend visit. […]

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