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The Original Map of Resilience

Transitioning into retirement means reading many good new books and re-connecting with many good old friends. It also means tackling the de-cluttering postponed for at least five years while I was a bit (gratefully!) over-booked on the circuit and with clients.  I started with the low-hanging fruit: piles tucked in one place between the couch […]

It Really Was This Beautiful 

I formally brought my career/calling as a psychotherapist/trainer to a poignant closure by teaching at the end of June at the Cape Cod Institute. And I formally celebrated the transition into retirement/Renaissance by climbing Lassen Peak  (yesterday as I write this) and watching the mid-night moon’s reflections on Summit Lake. This post is a placeholder […]

The Land of In-Between

“Nauset” means “a place between.” The indigenous Nauset lived on the salt marshes of Cape Cod for hundreds of years before the Pilgrims “discovered” the Cape and displaced the native Americans who lived there. I taught my last in-person clinical training for the Cape Cod Institute at Nauset Regional High School in Eastham, MA last […]

To Bless the Space Between Us

Healing and Awakening into Aliveness and Wholeness has been the banner of this e-newsletter from the very beginning. And Conscious, Compassionate Connection the path to that healing and awakening from the beginning. (See January 19, 2008 e-newsletter: Mindfulness and Empathy Create Conscious, Compassionate Connection and February 19, 2008 Brain Research Illuminates Conscious, Compassionate Connection and […]

Replenishing the Soil, Replenishing the Soul

My friend Mark, a high school biology teacher, is fond of the adage, “Bad farmers grow weeds; good farmers grow crops; excellent farmers grow soil.”  I’ve certainly experienced the wisdom of replenishing the soil from 20+years of composting and mulching in my backyard.  And I’ve come to see these Resources for Recovering Resilience as practices […]

For a New Beginning

For a New Beginning

Hold nothing back; learn to find ease in risk has been my favorite line from John O’Donohue’s poem For a New Beginning forever, and the poem itself (below) a resonant guide to the experience of deep, deep unfolding into a new life. I’ve also included here lines inscribed in marble in the garden of Edith […]

Poignancy – When Life Is Bittersweet 

Poignancy – heartfelt, touching, deepgoing according to my Roget’s Thesaurus, with a touch of bittersweet. Jane Baraz and I would pass out bits of bittersweet chocolate on our mindful self-compassion retreats to remind folks that life has 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows, all mixed together, all at the same time. Certainly, the transitioning into retirement […]

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