Tara Brach and the “judgement trap”

Tara Brach and the “judgement trap”

By judging ourselves, we think it will help us improve.  And with judgement and resentment of others, we often imagine it will help the other person better themselves.

But the thing is, it never quite works out that way. Judgement traps us in many ways. Kindness, open-mindedness, resilience go offline; loneliness and misunderstandings take over.

My esteemed colleague and beloved mindfulness teacher Tara Brach, PhD. has created a truly helpful program through NICABM to help you work with the self-criticism and toxic judgement that keep you from being your most alive, most authentic and loving self.

In this program, Tara will guide you through specific practices to cultivate compassion and develop a healing relationship with difficult emotions like shame, fear, and anger.

Here’s a look at what Tara will cover:

  • How to Build Compassion to Alleviate Emotional Suffering
  • Fostering Powerful Presence and Dissolving Self-Judgement
  • How to Nurture a Fully-Awakened Heart to Shift Out of Reactivity and Pain
  • A Guided Way to Accelerate a Deep and Lasting Compassion Practice 
  • How to Build a Compassion That Will Revitalize Your Connection with Others

This is about feeling more at home and more secure in your own skin . . . and in your most important relationships.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check it out. They will be starting the program soon, so registration won’t be open for long.

PS Tara’s generous spirit and giving nature is just part of what makes her one of this generation’s most beloved mindfulness teachers. Click here to find out more.

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