Tara Brach on Strengthening Connection in Relationships

Tara Brach on Strengthening Connection in Relationships

The uncertainty of the pandemic can be hard to live with. Stress and fear can often put a strain on relationships. And it can be challenging to remain open and accepting when a relationship starts to falter.  Any worries, insecurities, defensiveness can keep people tapped in a cycle of feeling alone and misunderstood.

Mindfulness is a powerful practice that can reverse the patterns that hold us back from connecting deeply with others and help us grow closer to the people we love.

The wise and very skillful psychologist and meditation teacher Tara Brach has created a program sponsored by NICABM to give you the necessary skills for true change – and bring healing to your most important relationships (and even your life).

In this special program, Tara will cover:

  • How to Awaken Intimacy and Expand Our Capacity for Love
  • Shifting the Brain for More Loving Relationships through Mindfulness
  • How to Let Go: Freeing Ourselves from the “Control” Strategies That Harm Relationships
  • Forgiveness: Letting Go of Pain, Blame, and Resentment
  • Cultivating a Deeper Love: How to Open Our Hearts to See the Goodness

This is about feeling at home and secure in your most important relationships.

Registration won’t be open for long. Please do check it out. And enjoy the potential transformations.

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