Tara Brach’s Radical Self-Compassion Program

Tara Brach’s Radical Self-Compassion Program

I have learned to practice self-compassion from some of the best teachers in the world – Kristin Neff, Chris Germer, Jack Kornfield, and just a few days ago from Gabor Mate.

And the most reliably powerful teacher for my clients, and very often for myself, is the skillful and eloquent meditation teacher Tara Brach.

Tara’s new Radical Self-Compassion program will teach you powerful strategies to break free from anxiety, shame, and harsh self-judgment. Tara’s personal guidance in deepening your self-compassion can help you manage the deeply ingrained negative self-talk that pushed you away from being your most alive, authentic self, and keeps you from making secure loving connections to others. 

Registration for this remarkable program ends tonight at midnight, so please be sure to check it out now. It could be one of the most powerful investments you make in your own well-being.

Again, learn more about this unique program here. May it be useful to you and yours.