Clinical Trainings & Presentations

Clinical Trainings & Presentations

Linda Graham Presentation Audience

Linda offers advanced professional development trainings to licensed psychotherapists through national and international conferences, webinars, professional training organizations, and online courses.  

Trainings focus on strengthening clients’ resilience as the heart of any therapeutic process and underlying any therapeutic modalities - developing capacities to bounce back from any disappointments, difficulties, and even disasters and learning skills to transform any adversity into learning and growth.

The trainings integrate concepts and practices from relational psychodynamic psychotherapy and somatic-based trauma therapy with mindfulness and compassion practices from the Eastern wisdom traditions, all informed and validated by modern neuroscience.

Through didactics, experiential exercises, and group discussions, clinicians integrate theory and research findings with empirically validated tools and techniques that help clients move from distress and trauma to a deeper resilience and empowered well-being. 

Linda Graham speaking to Yoga Services Council

Clinical Presentations

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